Tableau Ambassador Swag for 2021

I was very honored to be selected as a Tableau Ambassador for the second time in 2021. If you follow this link, you’ll see me Anthony Smoak, suited up in the Tableau Public Ambassadors section. I started this blog and YouTube channel as a means to share what I know and what I learn and will continue to do so. The fact that I gain some recognition from Tableau or anyone else is secondary, but I will say it does feel good to be acknowledged by the wider Tableau community for all the off-hours and weekend work it takes to produce stellar content.

I don’t share 10 videos in a week. I have to research what to share, put together a dashboard to illustrate the concepts and record and edit everything all in my “spare” time. Who has any of that these days when we’re all feeling worn out? However, this blog is worth it for me because it forces me to learn and I have grown tremendously since I started this social media sharing journey some years ago.

I mention all of this to simply say thanks for following me and whoever keeps nominating me as an ambassador every year, I’m not mad at you!

One of the cool aspects of being selected as a Tableau ambassador is the swag you receive. Definitely watch the video as I will share an unboxing of this year’s swag for those that are curious.

In the words of the legendary Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest , “So give me this award, and let’s not make it the last.”

-Anthony B. Smoak

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