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Welcome! My name is Anthony Smoak. I’ve been a data professional for many years working at various Fortune 500 companies. My interests lie primarily within the technology and business spaces. I’ve been a data analyst (SQL, VBA, Access), financial analyst (long days of manual Excel), BI developer (SQL Server, Cognos) and paid lots of dues supporting risk data marts toiling in back office banking. Despite the proliferation of fancy data titles out there, I will always consider myself a data analyst at heart.

I’m a Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) that holds an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller College of Business and a Master of Science in Information Management from Syracuse University. I’m also a magna cum laude graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I’m a 2 time Tableau Public Ambassador (2020, 2021) a former Tableau Public Featured Author and a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate.

I created this blog to share commentary on data visualization tools (most notably Tableau), company technology strategy and selected content that I have generated during my years of graduate study and after-work research on nights and weekends.

Feel free to check out my Tableau Public resume.

If you’re interested in Business Intelligence & Tableau please subscribe and check out my videos either here on this site or on my Youtube channel.

In addition to this blog, you can follow me on Twitter at @AnthonySmoak.

The postings on this blog are based upon my own personal research, thoughts and techniques. This blog does not reflect the opinions, positions or strategies of my employer. Thoughts were either completed on my own time or during 4 years of graduate study.



      1. I really enjoyed your videos. They way you walk us through the steps is just very easy to understand.
        I have 4 individual line charts, say chart a, b, c and d, being displayed in 4 different containers. I also have 4 bar charts, say chart a1, b1, c1 and d1, in one container. Is there a way of clicking on the line chart a and the bar chart a1 in the container show while the bar charts b1, c1 and d1 are hidden. Likewise when clicking on line chart b, the bar chart b1 in the container shows while the bar charts a1, c1 and d1 are hidden.

        Thank you!


  1. Hello, I am Bruno Iksil. I read your post on the London Whale. Interesting. Just for you to know …. First, there is my blog where I give a faithful account of what happened (ie the one that I always provided). You get it on googling London Whale Marionette (the single n is not a typo). Second, the authorities and the bank put my SEC testimony under confidential seal in 2016 during the week when I actually testified therefore preventing the public to access public data since this SEC testimony should always have been public. When I asked to lift the seal the authorities responded saying that the bank had put this seal and that they did not want to fight the bank on this. You will see most of my testimony though on my blog in the doicument called ‘confidential impunity’. Best regards,



  2. Dear Anthony,
    Thanks for all the training videos, great work!!
    I am interested in the Power Bi Dashboard Tutorial: Year over Year Difference Analysis Dashboard template. Can you tell me how I can I get this Dashboard Template.
    Thank You



  3. Mr. Smoak-

    Terrific explanation of Wal-Mart’s commitment to automated and scalable DevSecOps. Thank you for providing this insight. As the world transitions to “Industry 4.0”, we transition from independent computers and automation to cyber physical systems and interconnected supply chains.

    Building to economies of scale, systems automation brings the promise of even greater human progress. World supplier will delivering better quality goods and services more inexpensively with greater efficiency. This downward move in prices make goods and services affordable for all.

    Thanks again.

    Jeff Hagen



  4. Dear mr Smoak I am writing to you from Italy to thank you for helping me solve a problem that was driving me crazy.



  5. Hi, Anthony

    I wanted to say Ive learned so much from your YouTube channel for Tableau, Thank you so much!!! The blog is really resourceful and helpful. Im a Data analyst based in Atlanta for the past 2 years as well. I sent you follow on linkein.


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