How to Swap Sheets in Tableau

Learn how to perform a useful Tableau hack that allows you to display multiple sheets in one container on your Tableau dashboard. In this video I use my personal training dashboard to show you step by step how this trick is performed. This tip is a must know for the intermediate to advanced dashboard builder as it will help you save space on your dashboard.

Learn more about the dashboard used in this video:

Interact with the Dashboard here:

Watching the video will make the concept clearer but I will provide an overview in this post.

Step 1: I create a Parameter named “Select a Chart”. You can see that I have chosen a list of allowable values and I place into the list the names of charts that I want to swap.

Step 2: I create a calculated field named “_Selected Chart”. It only holds the value of the parameter I created in Step 1.

Step 3: (Use screenshot below)

1. Place the “_Selected Chart” calculated field on the filter shelf of a chart that you wish to show and hide.

2. Edit the “_Selected Chart” filter and select the “Custom value list” option.

3. Type in the respective name of the chart that corresponds to the value that you entered in the parameters allowable values list in Step 1. Hit the plus button to the far right to add the value. Additionally add the value of “All” to the Custom value list in the same manner.

IMPORTANT: the value that you enter into your chart must match EXACTLY to the value that you placed on the parameter allowable values list.

Repeat this process for every chart that you wish to show and hide, making sure to type in the exact same chart name that you entered in the parameter allowable values list in Step 1.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to place all of your charts into the same object (i.e., horizontal or vertical container) on your dashboard . Make sure to show the parameter named “Select a Chart” on the dashboard so you have a combo box with the names of your charts inside that you can select.

Make sure to watch the video for exact details!!

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