Create an Interactive Stacked Bar Chart in Tableau

In this post we’ll use the new parameter action functionality in Tableau to create an interactive stacked bar chart. When we select a dimension from the viz, we can drill down into a sub-dimension. Parameter actions are new to Tableau as of version 2019.2. In the video we use an NBA data set which you can download in a workbook if you visit my Tableau Public viz.

This neat little trick relies upon the creation of a parameter named [Team Name Parameter] and two dimensions.

  • Dimension #1 is the [Team Name]
  • Dimension #2 is the [Player Name]

There is an implied hierarchical relationship between [Team Name] and [Player Name] as teams are naturally comprised of players.

We will also create a calculated field named [Player Drill] that is defined as such:

IF [Team Name Parameter] = [Team Name] THEN [Player Name]
ELSE [Team Name]

When we place the [Player Drill] calculated field on color on the marks card and setup our parameter actions (watch the video for instruction), the user selection of a [Team Name] on the bar chart will feed the [Team Name Parameter]. This causes all of the players on the selected team to be displayed with their respective breakdown of points scored.

Bonus: There is a FIXED LOD lesson in this video as well as a Star Wars reference which I’m sure you’ll have no issue finding. Here’s a hint:

It’s really not complicated so don’t let all the words here confuse you. Just watch the video and do some great things with your data! Interact with the viz below:

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This video was definitely inspired by Kevin Flerlage who has a great blog post on the uses of parameter actions in Tableau. Check it out here.



  1. Thank you so much for providing this overview. I was struggling with this yesterday and was pleased to have found your channel and blog.
    You have a fan across the pond.



    1. Thanks for subscribing to the blog and I’m glad you found the content useful. I definitely appreciate my readers across the pond!



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