How to Conditionally Format Text Cell Color in Tableau


Even though Excel and Tableau are far from the same tool, sometimes you have to find a way to force Tableau to behave in an Excel-like manner. Conditionally changing the background color of text in Excel is very easy but requires a hack in Tableau 10.3. Use my video to learn how to conditionally format the cell background of a text or dimensional value in Tableau. Trust me, this is a time saver!

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  1. Hello! Thank you for a great video! I was able to do this successfully, except I cannot get my value to align properly in the middle. It is always right justified. Can you help? If I make the rows skinnier it looks good, but I need them larger to accommodate other values in the table. Thank you.



  2. Hello, I’ve noticed that after changed formatting for multiple columns sql query on database is executed multiple times. For huge tables this solution can degradate performace. I’m using Tableau 2020.1. Nevertheless great post.



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